Unlock Infinite Abundance

Hello there guys! I’ve been away for almost a year! It has been a tough year for me, my dad passed away this year and it has been one of the most eye-opening, awakening experiences in my life. His transcendence made me realise the parts of myself I need to work, that have kept me locked in a loop for quite some time. But now, I’ve cracked the code.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning for me, not being able to say physically my last goodbye to my dad, hold his hand, be able to grieve with my family his departure. But I remembered what he once told me last time, “you chose this path and it’s not easy, but it will be worth it”. I showed him the world through my eyes and I was able to share magic and exotic places with him through technology. He lived almost 90 years and through his life he made sure to remind me one thing, ENJOY LIFE!

It’s in the hardest times that you find who your real life support is, because let’s be honest… we are humans and we need our tribe to thrive. A person very dear to me told me recently, “someone else’s loss is someone else’s gain”, I’ve lost one of the two people I love the most in this life (my dad), and with him all the illusions of people who pretended to be close to me also faded away, but I also gained true souls who are close to me and are still holding me through the hardest time and supporting me with their words, their hugs, their warmth, their good energy, their true selves.

I realised that I have just unlocked the Universe’s Infinite Abundance, of love, health, wealth, providence, creation, joy and all the higher vibrational frequencies, where light shines brighter. Living my life to the fullest, helping and inspiring others to live life to their potential, that’s my purpose, that’s my mission. And remembering always that I’m the Universe.

Don’t forget that we are stars living a human experience.

With love and joy,


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