Starry Sky Worth the Ride

I was walking by the beach, digging the sand and picking up pearls which were showing me a path, the tide was high, a storm was coming. I kept walking as I knew the pearls were leading me somewhere magical. I’ve lost a shoe on the way, though I know where I could find at low tide time, I continued picking up the pearls. And then, I saw myself under the most beautiful starry sky, the stars were shining and showing me the way, letting me know I wasn’t alone, and that I don’t have to do it all alone. They were guiding me to find my way to find what I lost. This was just a dream, maybe it was a memory, or maybe it was a message from my masters.

No matter how high our emotions may feel, the calm comes after the storm. There’s always precious pieces of ourselves to be discovered and lights guiding our way. It’s ok to feel like you lost something on the way, you can recover it, or maybe something better will come along the way. What matters the most, is to keep moving forward.

Why do I keep digging on the sand? Because I know I can find more pearls that will help me to find my way. I look up to find the guidance that I need and look within to find the courage to keep going.

Life is a roller coaster, but it’s worth the ride! With ups and downs, and as scary as it may seem is worth the adventure, screaming, laughing, enjoying. Loving every bit of the journey and grateful for another ride around the sun. The Universe has led me to a wonderful journey, reminding the importance of living life and sharing with others anywhere I go, THE JOY OF LIVING.

With love and joy,


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