That’s what we all are, we are mere fractions of each other mirroring what we feel, what we see, what we don’t like about others, what we wished we could be.

Why is it so hard to accept what we need to work on? That is easier to blame on others what we need to improve in ourselves.

Mirrors, each single person in your life is a mirror of your soul. And each person comes into your life with the purpose to teach you a lesson about life or about yourself. That trait about that other person you don’t like it’s a part of you that needs to heal.

Don’t take it personal when someone tries to make you feel bad, at the end of the day they are just looking at the mirror and talking to themselves.

So when the mirror talks to you, just remember to reflect back love, compassion, abundance, forgiveness, turn the sadness into joy and bring the light of your soul to see beyond.

With Love & Joy


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