Let life flow…

It’s been 7 months after my last blogpost. It seems like life stopped for a while. We had no choice but to be still and at the same time flow.

In March, I went for 2 weeks to Honduras to visit my parents like I always do, but the Universe had different plans for me and a few weeks became 4 months.

Months in which I had to learn to be still, to breathe, to embrace, to be grateful. Months in which I unconditionally loved and forgiven. Weeks in which I had to reinvent my life, and days that seemed 24 years all over again.

I was back there where it all began, the nest from which I flew and doesn’t feel familiar anymore. I had to make it my own again and just go with the flow.

I enjoyed my solitude, the many moments for myself, the times in which I cried of frustration for not being able to make a move, and the times in which I just simply surrendered to life.

It was until that moment, when I surrendered, that everything started flowing and I found a way back. Quite surprising and unexpected the way life is flowing now, but grateful for the new way I see the world, with the eyes of my inner child.

With Love & Joy,


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