Those who know me, they know that I dream a lot. And in my dream, something like this came up…

Dear Rosella: 

I want to dedicate this letter to you, as most of the time you may forget about me and let your ego take over my place. I wish you could remember the mission you were sent for before being conceived on this life, but I truly know you’ve tried to live your life the best way you could so far. I know most of the time you’ve ignored me but I want you to know that I’m always there for you and will always stand by your side even when you may not want me around, but I still remember that beautiful moment when you started to listen to my voice that your life started to change so significantly. 

I’ve seen you evolve so beautifully, and I know sometimes you question why I make you take such daring decisions that might sometimes leave you a bit heartbroken. But let me tell you something, as you shed layers of yourself and cry a little, you also heal a lot and heal others.  You keep moving forward to your purpose, which is bigger than any human thought you could have. 

I will never give you a situation you cannot handle, and every person who comes into your life it’s with the purpose to get you closer to me. So be thankful, for every single soul that gets you nearer me. Always love, love truly and unconditionally. Remember that this too shall pass and you are just becoming an improved and better version of yourself.  So whoever came into your life and stays, will keep growing and evolving with you, but that’s their choice, not yours. You may think things are not clear, but do not think, FEEL. Understand that the mind does not understand the matters of the soul and that this is just a temporary situation, the best is yet to come. 

I know that deep down in your soul, you trust that this is the right way to go, for where I want to take you. You are light as my divine spark lies within you. Enjoy your present and the people in it. Do not worry about the future, as I’ve already have taken care of it. Live fully present and in the now, focus on the good things of life in front of you and work towards a harmonious life. It will all make sense, but as of now, live happily where you are and with the beautiful souls I’m sending into your life.

Keep the eyes of your soul open, be open to changes and new experiences. But most importantly, don’t ever doubt my unconditional love for you. You are my dearest child as everyone on this Earth. 

I want you to share this letter with others, so they will understand the decisions being made, and those who need the reassurance of me will read through you. 

I’m here, I’m always here, within you. If you ever doubt how to listen to me, remember to listen to your heart, because in your heart is where you will hear my voice. 

I love you eternally, 


Thanks for reading this far. 

With love & joy, 


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