Ok! Let’s get personal. It’s been definitely a long while since the last time I posted. I would love to share with you what’s been going on in my journey.

Every year brings changes, growth, and evolution. Once you start your journey there’s no turning back, there might be a few stops along the way, but there’s definitely a before and after once you start tearing the veil.

This is year, has been truly soul-filling and also challenging. Not only I’m finding the lost pieces of the puzzle, but I’m also getting myself back together and doing a lot of inner work.

I’m a rebel among those who are close-minded to understand that everybody has a journey and not necessarily we all have to follow the same path. I was raised a Christian and it was through the teachings of Jesus and Mary that I started finding and remembering my spirituality, they opened my eyes to a world of kindness and love, which led me to other Masters and Ascended souls.

In the past months, I’ve witnessed the most eye-opening soul healing experiences. I was reborn through my mother, water and earth. I made peace with myself and with my past lives. I forgave those who hurt me and I’ve let them go with love. I saw many ways I’ve died and also how many times I loved. I found my twin sister, my Anam Cara, my soul family, my twin soul and my soul tribe.

I’m working on accepting my gifts and using them for the good of others and not for selfish reasons, but I’m also working on my ego and my flaws. I like to share with the world all the beautiful places my eyes see and share what my soul experiences while traveling all the amazing places the Universe blesses me with.

Not everything is sugar candy, and there are personal aspects of my life in which I struggle like every human being. I’m still trying to liberate myself from dogmas and inspiring others to live their truth. I break down sometimes (very often), but I lift myself up and enjoy every day’s bliss.

In a world where social media has become so important to “showcase“ a perfect life, with me, what you see it’s what you get, and there a few things that in the present world are better to keep private. It has taken me a long way to be where I am. Taking chances of quitting a well-paid job with a lifetime retirement, leaving behind everything I knew, and even with my family thinking that I was crazy for taking the decisions I have. Defying myself to do random jobs and struggling with my first attempts to traveling the world. Being heartbroken many times by letting go of people I really loved, and giving my soul a chance to guide me. And here I am, many people who thought they knew me, they now think that I have changed, and the truth is that I HAVE CHANGED.  I’m not the same person I was before, as I’m working on an improved version of myself, and what is life but constant change? You cannot stay in the same place if you want to evolve, you have to keep moving. I’m truly blessed with the support system I have and the beautiful souls that see me as I am.

I’m human, I’m stubborn and radical, and I cry sometimes at night alone, but I also pray and believe that there’s a higher purpose, I’m blessed and thankful, I’m passionate about everything I do, I love hard and unconditionally, I give without expecting and I always trust the beauty of souls.

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for being part of my life and my journey. But most importantly for seeing me as I am.

With love and joy,


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