As I’m sitting in front of my computer with a lot of things in my heart, I wonder why do we always are expected to meet other people’s expectations? What about our true heart desire? Why do people try to please others and make others happy?

If you try to live life on your own terms, seeking for your own happiness and your own peace of mind you’ll be bound to be an outsider and might feel misunderstood. The true power and strength you need are within you, the love you think others can fill is within you. But we live in a society that raises us to believe that we need someone to feel complete and happy.

If you feel like breaking down if you feel that there’s nothing else to fight for, remember that you have to fight and keep on living for the most important person, YOURSELF!

Pick up the pieces of that broken heart, wipe the tears in your eyes and open yourself to the greatest gift you were given the mere moment you were conceived, LIFE!

Yes, you might keep feeling like you don’t belong to this Earth or to the people that surround you, but that is because your soul was sent to this planet for a bigger purpose. Now that you know what your purpose is: to love, to give, to inspire and to help others to find their light.

You will always feel like an outsider, but you were given a few earthly years to share your light and love with others. IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO WAKE UP AND SHINE!

With love & joy,



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