“Our souls speak a language that is beyond human understanding. A connection so rare the universe won’t let us part.”

Nikki Rowe

What a big mess we got ourselves into? That’s what I tell my self every time I look at the world around me.

I think last night I had one of the most reassuring yet deepest conversations I ever had with myself in the past years. I’ve realized how human I am and how much I need to keep working on myself.   Yes, many see how amazing my life is; however, only a few know how many times I’ve fallen and got back up, how I found joy in loss, happiness in the scariest moments of my life, and peace in solitude.

Fear has knocked my door so many times, but the only thing I know I will regret ever is not to live my life to the fullest, that’s why I give without hesitation, I love unconditionally, I find love and joy in the little things I do. No, I don’t have my life figured out yet, but what I know is that I take myself out of that comfort zone everybody is in and try to inspire others to challenge themselves.

Dare to live in a world filled with fears and labels, dare to defy yourself to do the unimaginable. We came to this Earth to shine, to inspire others with our lives. You are your own worst enemy and judge, why don’t you become your best self, love freely, live and let live others without judgment?

Reinvent yourself as many times life shakes you. You can always rewrite the story of your life at any point and make it the best story ever told because we are magic!

With love & joy,


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