Dancing in the Moonlight

I’ve always been fascinated by the brightness of the full moon, how the reflection of the light from the sun can move energies, cleanse and re-energize us. The full moon not only alters the ocean tides but it creates a shift in your soul and shakes your world completely.  Like a mirror, the full moon allows us to see the sweetest and most wonderful parts of ourselves and also let us confront our biggest fears. 

Finding your tribe in the moonlight is the most fascinating, incredible and unimaginable feeling ever, but to get there you have to shed layers of people who crossed your path to lead you where you have to be with the ones your souls love.

The supermoon in Virgo this year, brought changes in my life I could’ve never imagine, a new awakening, another veil taken off. A new full moon comes on May 18th, and I couldn’t be more than excited and grateful for what this new light will bring, with arms wide open and embracing every challenge, your light will always find me and my soul will always know the way back to you.

If we could only remember the contract we agreed with our souls before coming back every time to this plane, life would be easier, but less exciting and interesting. At this point in life, I don’t ask “why?” to my Masters anymore, I just ask them where and how to work it out.

Love unconditionally and fearlessly, may the light of the sun, shine on your hearts every day, and the light reflected from the moon fill your life with good vibes, health, love, and abundance. In the meantime to whatever challenge may come my way, as a lightworker, I’ll be spreading the light of love and joy and waiting for that full moon to dance under the moonlight.

With love & joy,


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