And Then… Life Happened

Hyderabad, India

Man plans, and God laughs

And that’s how it is, there’s a divine agreement that we have forgotten about at the moment we come back every time. Despite all efforts on calculating life, if you are in the pursuit of discovering what sets your soul on fire, prepare yourself to know that things are going to be completely different of what your egoistic mind tells you or whatever society plans you to do. The power of your soul will move mountains and will take you to places and souls you’ve never imagined before, you’ll be lead to your path of awakening, self-discovery and your world will be shaken.

So in the meantime, keep laughing! Enjoy life and its colors, each second of your days on this Earth. Don’t forget that within you lies God’s divine spark, the same one who’s laughing and cheering of joy because you are on your way back home. Your soul tribe is here and we’ve found each other to laugh together and transcend.

Love!, love freely and unconditionally, spread love like confetti in the little things you do.

With Love & Joy,




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