2018- Cheers to a Life Full of Challenges!

Oh! 2018 you were quite a year. Truly transformational in all aspects, not only taking into account that most planets were in retrograde, I was challenged in every aspect of my life. Rediscovering myself to continue my journey in a new and different way. Just when you thought things were going to turn out in a way, bam! here comes the Universe to remind you that you shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Through this year I was not only challenged but also had the opportunity to reconnect with people I love that have been always in my life, to enjoy the new souls the journey brings along the way, to taste again flavors that once felt bitter but now they are sweet and spicy.

Without further ado, I just want to say how grateful I am for everything and everyone that is present in my life. You are welcome to join me on my journey and fly with me, you are free to fly away if you wish. I will cherish you while you are here and will always wish you the best. As we came to this life to remember who we are and the people who walk into our paths are just souls helping us to evolve.

In this post you will not find many fancy photos of places and wanderlust, you will see me and a glimpse of the life and light around me. You all might not appear in the pictures but there’s definitely something that symbolizes you and that I might have shared with you personally.

This post is dedicated to all of you whom I walk with through my journey, my soul brothers and sisters, my soulmates, my family, my friends, to all the souls I’ve found in my journey and have become my family and tribe around the world and all of you who give a meaning to this adventure and are an important part of my life. Near or far away you are all in my heart wherever I go.

I’m blessed and thankful beyond words.

With Love and Joy


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