Here I am at a point in life when I just figured that the more I seek the less I know. Life is a total mystery. Why am I here in India? What really brought me here?

Everyone I bump into asks me, “Why India?”, well… “Why not?”.  I have reaffirmed what I truly love, discover aspects of me I didn’t even know I had, I’ve found out I still have too much to discover and explore, and that one answer brings another question. Life is constantly challenging me to dig deeper. In the pursuit of letting my hidden talents and true-Self emerge, I keep rediscovering life in a totally different way.

I don’t regret quitting a badass paying job, to live the adventure of my lifetime. I want to inspire you to live your life by yourself and not for others. I’m currently living in Hyderabad, India. Right now I’m blessed working as a  Teacher, and I love it, but the Universe always takes me to unimaginable places and people.

So far my lesson has been very clear, If you keep doing the same things, you are always going to get the same results. Why not dare to do something different and life changing?

With Love & Joy


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