“Each morning we’re born again, of yesterday nothing remains, what’s left began today”

~Anselm Hollo~

As this September comes to an end, I am thankful to be another year on this Earth, I realized we are born again everyday. Each day is full of challenges and opportunities to make us grow and evolve as a better version of ourselves. When you begin living in the present and start letting go of the past, you realize how blessed you are just to be here, alive, full of love and life.

We live in a world too anxious about the future, life is simple, a gift to you. Enjoy it, feel it, live it. As I came back to Honduras for a few months I realized I have a chance to enjoy now the wonders and beauties I didn’t get a chance before. I learned in the process, life needs balance, as your body and mind want to be healthy, your soul has to be nurtured as well.

Life changing experiences, meeting new people, new places. Merging with different traditions from your own country first, that’ll help you to be ready to be open to other cultures. I always keep telling people “YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL AROUND AND GET TO KNOW  THE PLACE YOU ARE FROM FIRST, START WHERE YOU ARE NOW, AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE”, that’s the only way to embrace the world. You have a world full of opportunities in front of you, people and places that are soul food, that will make feel you are being born again everyday.

And as I leave you a sneak peek of celebrating life, and of my next blog post about DIY trips  in our beautiful Honduras, and Amazing things you can do; from Zip-lining in the Highest Canopy Zip Line of Central America (656 ft.), Hiking to a Stunning Waterfall in La Tigra National Park (20 minutes from Tegucigalpa), or admiring the colors of La Esperanza, Intibucá.I only have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Because today and everyday from the moment you wake up, you are alive, you are blessed, you are loved and you are born again.

With Love & Joy


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