Home Sweet World

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

~Saint Augustine~

Every corner of the world holds a secret to be discovered, the journey to find your own truth, your life purpose. The place you were born are the first pages of the book, you need to start reading in order to be ready for the next chapter.

Every place holds amazing wonders and beauties, do you remember when you were a child and you imagined your backyard was an enchanted forest? or when your house had many secret passages? What happened to your adventurous spirit? What happened to yourself?

You grew up, and you forgot that you were  born in a place that keeps the puzzle pieces to find yourself and break free. You began to blame on excuses of why you have stopped wanting to discover the world. It’s like reading a book, you start and all of the sudden you leave it aside, because you are too tired to read it, or because maybe some other things might be more “important”. If your life is a book, there cannot be anything more important than you! What happened to you? To that person who couldn’t even go to sleep imagining the wonders of the world that you were going to discover? Becoming a professional not for the money you would earn, but for the change you were to make in the world?

Yes, You! That little Child that still lies within yourself aiming to come out, to break free. Do you remember what Jesus once said? “Let the little children come to me…” Let your child come to you, let it shine, let it break through, let it come back home.

Parque Nacional La Muralla
Parque Nacional La Muralla. La Union, Olancho. 2008.

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of Honduras lately on my Instagram account. I’ve fallen more in love with the place where I was born, so much color, warmth, beauty and richness. That made me realize sometimes you might have to return to places you were before, but you will see them differently, through the eyes of a child, like I do. More present and aware, knowing that you are temporarily back for a reason, but knowing that after you are done, another place holds the next page to your book, the piece to your puzzle somewhere else in the world.

Honduran, don’t you know how blessed you are? Two seas bathe your land, barrier reefs protect your people. Natural mosaics in your pine forests, abundant water in your land, countless adventures and mysteries in your jungles. Unique diversity of animal species. The temples of a lost civilization that holds  secrets of the Universe. There is a lot of friendly people willing to give you a hand or a smile at any time of day. Ethnic groups willing to tell their version of the origin of the world. So much color and flavor in your food. Too many talented people in Science, Music & Arts.

You will see the world completely different, you will be the change you want to see in the world, like Gandhi said. You will start taking over the book you left behind and you will go over the pages. Exploring the place that saw you born, you will feel thankful for the wonders and blessings you were given.

You will be ready to take over to other places on the next chapter, and your life will become THE NEVER ENDING STORY, full of adventures, challenges, lessons, but over all blessings. What are you waiting to get out of your comfort zone?, wherever you go in your country you will find how beautiful is the place you were brought. You will be a change factor for your country, what Honduras needs is more love to change for the better. As for you my dear reader and wanderluster, this is YOUR HONDURAS too.

With Love & Joy


Featured image: Bamboo at El Picacho 2014. Photography by José Darinel Laínez

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