Learning to Unlearn

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue. ~Antisthenes~

Once you open the eyes of your soul, there’s no turning back. Life is not the same, everyday becomes a challenge and it’s a duty to embrace it with love. You start learning how to unlearn what is not useful to your life anymore. Life experiences enrich your life more than any degree, material earning or anything you were taught  to need.

Sometimes the path seems confusing, but as you keep on walking you enjoy every little thing instead of worrying on arriving. Your plans become your present moment, and decisions are based on what makes your soul dance. We are given the blessing and gift of life in this world, and as we become aware that we are for a greater purpose, every single input becomes great if you do it with love.


In this process of Unlearning I am keeping what is useful to life.

I’ve learned that you have to do what you love, not for what you get, but for what you give.

I’ve learned that letting go and forgiving is the most healing medicine to the soul.

I’ve learned that kindness can change a world completely.

I’ve learned  that you can learn more from a child than an old person, age is not maturity.

I’ve learn we need to be better listeners than to follow instructions.

I’ve learned that you have to take chances and defy yourself.

I’ve learned we are free to decide which way we want to go.

I’ve learned that we are limitless and we can go anywhere we want to.

I’ve learned that when something doesn’t happen the way you wanted it, it is because is what your soul needed it to evolve.

I’ve learned that the only voice we need to listen is the voice of  your heart, for there lies the voice of God.

I’ve learned that I don’t know anything at all. Because the more I try to learn, the more I Unlearn about what I was taught. But everything I learned came to me for a reason and as Antisthenes once said… “Not to unlearn what you have learned is the most necessary kind of learning”

With Love & Joy


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