Deep within you…

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

~Marcus Aurelius~

Dive into yourself.

As a child, I always had recurrent dreams about drowning, I even was scare of swimming and always thought I couldn’t. I got into swimming classes and flunked or quit, because I was too afraid. Until I finally came to a point of defeating my own fears, and instead of learning how to swim, I decided to learn how to dive!

My soul sister and I decided to get into diving and it was the best decision ever, not only found out I always knew how to swim but I was delighted to get under water.  As I start going deep… I connect with the unknown, and all the creatures are just being themselves and living in harmony with their environment, and I become a part of it. The silence of the ocean becomes the best music your ears could listen, the dancing of the creatures brings peace to your soul. You are just being there as the rest of beings around you.

That’s life, sometimes we are so scare of getting within ourselves, and we start making assumptions of what we might find within, we put a mental barrier of the things we think we can’t do. But all of the sudden, as we face our own fears we just remember what we always knew, and we just let ourselves be. We are not scared anymore of the things we thought we were. And everything it’s just familiar, we connect with ourselves, with the Universe, and find out those scary creatures, are not after all, that everything exist to keep a Universal balance.

Diving through the amazing Coral Reefs in Utila, Honduras.

Whenever you feel confused or scared about something, it could be an idea, a thought, something you are worried about, DIVE WITHIN YOURSELF!  Whenever you feel scared or confused, take a minute, a deep breath and DIVE WITHIN YOURSELF!. And remember, as you keep diving, don’t forget to breath and be present every single second of your journey. You are never going to drown because anyway you want to go deep to discover. Life becomes simpler, problems and worries become just situations with solutions. You love and appreciate the wonders, the silence, the light and the love within you.


So when you arrive to the surface you’ll just feel blessed and thankful for being able to appreciate the universe that exists within yourself.


With Love & Joy



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