Not all those who wander are  lost.

J.R. Tolkien

All of the sudden comes to your life a strong desire and urge to experience unknown places, defy your own fears, confront unseen challenges, and take the bull by the horns and the world in your hands. People call it wanderlust, I call it self-discovering, self-development, spiritual growth and soul nurture.

The universe conspires in your favor and suddenly all the puzzle pieces fall into place, and there you are in an place that you feel you never been to, but seems so familiar. People from other cultures are not strange at all, maybe your soul is trying to remember what you’ve forgotten from a past life. And finally love becomes life.

Thíc Quàng Dúc Statue, Buddhist monk self-inmolation against buddhist genocide. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

You start to discover so much about yourself, where you are, and finally you realize… “Home is not a place, home is wherever you are”.

With Love & Joy


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