5 Tips when Traveling to Malaysia


So, I’m going back to Kuala Lumpur for a few days before heading back to my beloved American Continent. Going back to Malaysia inspired me to write this post, since I believe there are 5 top things you need to know before arriving to Malaysia.

  • Money Changers:

First things first! You need money to move around! DO NOT USE DOLLARS! Change them into the currency, Ringgits! Best place with the best change deals and fair changes is at Pavilion Mall, at the bottom floor where the food court is located. If you go somewhere else they will give less for a dollar. If you come from the airport, get a Uber, get all settled and then go to the Pavilion Mall and change your money before going somewhere else.

Entrance to Pavilion Mall
  • Power Plug adapter Needed:

If you are coming from America, do not take power plugs for granted. Take your own adapter with you! Malaysia uses the Type G electrical plug which has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern. Malaysia has 240V so you need to take that into account. Thankfully phones and computers allow from 110V- 240V, so you just need to take your adapter with you, instead of going everywhere trying to find one, like me :/ .

Type G electrical plug
  • Vegetarian Food and No Cheese or Dairy:

I am a vegetarian, who loves cheese. I’ve practically become vegan!!!! Cheese is scarce and if there is any, it is ridiculously expensive! Malaysian population is definitely not Vegetarian at all. So, basically Indian, Arab and Japanese cuisine (the non-meat sushi) saved my life! Also the wet markets have a huge  variety of fruits and vegetables that you can get if you are staying at a place where you can prepare your food. My diet became almost vegan and raw vegan, hahaha. I went through a forced detox process which in return was greatly beneficial. I did cheat on french fries with “cheese”, but it wasn’t real cheese so it doesn’t count.


  • Transportation

One of the things I loved  about KL is its transportation system. Very easy to use, cheap as well as FREE! if you prefer.  You can buy a myrapid card for 15RM, rechargable and with credit for 5-6 trips on BAS,  KL Monorail, Star LRT, Putra LRT. Doesn’t work for the KTM Komuter, but it’s very handy if you want to move around KL. Another plus around the city is The GoKL bus, IT’S FREE! It takes you almost everywhere around KL, has A/C and you cannot complain, even though sometimes you have to handle the sweaty smell. 🙂



If you are planning to sightsee around the city or the outskirts like Batu Caves or Putrajaya, DO IT YOURSELF! Tour operators might try to quadruple the price. We went to the City Gallery and asked about a tour to Batu Caves, the price for the Tour was around 200 -300 RM. We made the trip including transportation, entrance to Ramayana Cave, Lunch and snacks for THE AMAZING PRICE OF 30RM!!! YES, Believe it or not!!!  We took the LRT up to Putra station and the took the KTM. If you learn how to use the public transportation you can go anywhere.



I think these tips will be helpful to anyone, not only in KL but anywhere in the world, making sure you get this 5 things ready for any travel you make, YOU’LL NAIL IT! I’m going back to Malaysia, exploring around Putrajaya, stay tuned!!! Remember to love everything your given and be thankful.

With Love & Joy


Ps. Batik is a technique they use to dye clothes and make beautiful fabrics!

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