Terima Kasih Malaysia, Xin Chào Vietnam

I have been in Vietnam for 5 days, and I have to say I JUST LOVE IT. Malaysia was quite challenging not only for the food but getting around it’s crazy. I have to thank Japanese, Arab and Indian food! They made my days! For a vegetarian, Malaysian food is very challenging, although they have a great variety of fruits (Thank God!).

A country trying hard to become First world, a lot of construction around, African Palm plantations sadly have replace pristine forests and have taken over the country’s lungs. A few areas are still untouched, and the sacred areas maintain there natural beauty even with human intervention, like the amazing Batu Caves and Penang Hill in Penang. Their multicultural influence has made me understand many things about my culture and be thankful and feel blessed about it. Maybe I should’ve spent more time, I don’t know… But I did really enjoyed my time there and I had a lot of self-reflextions. And might come back to explore more.

If we could just understand that our natural resources are the greatest gifts that we were given, if we could only connect to nature like we used to a very long time ago, and even though we are selfish and hard to Mother Nature, she always shows us her kindness giving us life. I take a time to make an emphasis on this matter, as one of the most important protected areas of Honduras “Jeannette Kawas National Park” was set on fire in order to replace it with African Palm plantations, I am heartbroken because I can’t understand human greed, like the Cree Indian Proverb says: “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” If you want to be informed and want to cooperate some way, as it’s a global duty… You can check Fundación PROLANSATE’s page.



So before coming to Vietnam, Thailand was the first choice, but as many of you might know, there are no coincidences in life, I am here in Vietnam! Challenging for a passionate teacher, since it seems more important in other cultures if you are a native speaker, despite your experience or qualifications. But, that hasn’t stopped me to pursue what drives me in life. I have to say, Motorbikes everywhere, but I love Vietnam so far.

I’m in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) right now!, if you know a little bit of history, you might know what I mean. I am  actually amazed the way this people and mother nature has recovered through the years. How thankful these people are to the Universe everyday, for what I’ve seen. And also, THEIR FOOD (sigh) IT’S JUST HEAVEN FOR VEGETARIANS! THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE TOFU! And all of their food it’s cooked with such aroma and flavor, that definitely takes your breath away. I’ve learned my first vietnamese words!!!”Ăn Chay” which means VEGETARIAN!!! I’m still struggling with the intonations, but I’ve nailed it a few times! jajaja.

Well, before leaving a few reminders as always. Let’s love everything we are given, let us be LOVE. Make everything in your life with love. Be thankful with the gifts the Universe has given us. Let’s love and honor nature and appreciate it. Don’t ever give up, even if you feel like you are going down, remember that within you lies the highest force.


With Love & Joy





Ps. Traveling and food tips from Malaysia and Vietnam coming soon. Remember to follow my social networks and Snapchat: rosellammartinw for daily update and adventures.


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