Jumpa lagi California…Hello Malaysia!

It’s been a few days… I know I said NO PROCRASTINATION, which I haven’t,  moving to another country with a different time zone is quite challenging. But I’m finally getting used to it.

Also the weather change has been crazy!!! We came from really chilly temperatures to the tropical area, I have only been away from Honduras 2 1/2 months and this definitely feels like home, temperature yesterday felt like 40 C (Melting!).

Finally I’m updating my last days in California, lots of hanging out in San Francisco, got to attend a Facebook event for Boosting business (really, really good), explore around Japantown (which I honestly loved <3), we had an amazing Vegan Ramen, and visiting the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park (YOU CAN’T MISS IT).

Our trip to Malaysia came before expected and so we were ready to say farewell to California, could not be another place than Palo Alto (I LOVED IT). I just fell in love again with the streets, the food, the place it’s definitely alive, warm and charming.


So here I am now, Malaysia!!!! A complete mixture of cultures, a lot to get to know about this place. A lot of history and traditions. A place so rich with natural resources, a place where all cultures meet. Local food has been challenging for a vegetarian, but I am making it through!!! A lot of adventures coming! Stay tuned for my upcoming post around Kuala Lumpur.

Really thankful to the Universe, and totally blessed  for this experience.


NOTE TO EVERYONE: Use Airbnb for accommodation and Uber for transportation! You can’t miss using them anywhere! THEY ARE THE BEST! (You can look me up for any additional traveling tips) Also, you can stalk me on Snapchat: rosellammartinw and live the adventure through my eyes.

Thank you for reading this far, remember to be thankful and bless what you have and our Heavenly Father will fill your life and Universe with abundant love, peace and health, the rest comes in addition.

With Love & Joy






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