Hello everyone!!!

It’s been a while, and the title of this new blog post might say it all. Keeping up a blog takes a lot of effort, keeping up with everything does too. I have read and experienced the power of God (the Universe) and how the law of attraction actually works! But in order to let things flow in, you have to do certain things and act NOW.

I have recently talked with different people of how they want so many things, and how “maybe” one day it might work out for them to happen. It actually made me realize that it’s ok to focus on what you want, put all the love and good vibes to it and let it flow. But, What are you currently doing to make things happen?

Most people work and wait to create a future and forget to actually live the present moment, they spend their whole life trying to make a living that they forget to live. The future (which doesn’t exist) becomes priority and the present moment and all the blessings might just passed in front of your eyes and you didn’t even noticed.

We certainly leave the important things for last minute, putting off important tasks over and over again. We try to make excuses and find persons or situations to blame, when we are the only ones responsible for making things happen and magic occur!

It’s been over a month in California, a lot of adventures but also a lot of self discovering too. I came to a point to accept I AM A PROCRASTINATOR, I always knew it but I had never accepted it. Sometimes we realize how much we waste our potential by just not taking action at the moment. Society has taught us to plan everything, they keep us living in the future or mourning about the past, and definitely forgetting to tell us we need to be present NOW.

You might be “waiting to have enough money” to make that amazing travel you ever wanted, or you might be dreaming about what you really wanted to be since you were little, or you might be hard on yourself for not taking a chance on something you really “wanted”, remembering someone that no longer exists in your life, or wanting to have an amazing body and looking and feeling great with yourself; Well let me tell you something, none of those things  going through your mind exist, THEY DON’T EXIST!!!


Neither the past or the future are your present moment, what you are right now is a great universe with amazing opportunities, wherever you need or have to do, you have to DO IT NOW! The limitations are just a creation of your mind, obviously you are amazingly smart you are part of a higher power that overpasses any boundary. And in order to make things happen you have to act NOW!

Start on the simple things, try to finish the tasks that take you longer. Give some of your time (a few minutes) to that book you haven’t finish reading. Call that special someone you haven’t talked for a while and catch up. Start that business you always wanted. Enroll yourself in any activity you are encouraged to do. Start visualizing that place you always wanted to go and start putting your numbers together. The most valuable things in life are priceless, and as we pass through this Earth we have to remember that earning material things are not everything. God has given  us this whole planet full of richness, why do we complicate it?

As for me, I will be updating the blog MORE!!!! Keeping you in track of this whole  adventure called life, trying to encourage you to free yourself and open up to this amazing Earth!

Just three days left in California! Next stop… MALAYSIA!!!


With Love & Joy




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