My Top 4 Vegetarian Delights in San Francisco

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Hi everyone!!!! It has been really busy and fun the last few days, from getting to know California again, 15 years can make a place you thought you knew a whole new adventure. Exploring San Francisco was quite interesting went from America to Asia in an instant and came back again!!!! It is interesting to see cultural blending, as San Francisco has a huge multicultural influence. From exploring in China Town up to the Japan Gardens at the Golden Gate Park. It was a lot of walking and bus riding in order to get to know the place and I am definitely not done yet. Had the opportunity to get around and try vegetarian options at different places from China Town to The Ferry Building Marketplace, you can find them everywhere here, but here are the Top 4 places that were THE BOMB! in my opinion.

  1. Super Duper Burgers

Yes!!!! Burgers!!! Nothing has ever competed ever with my veggie burger. But, this place had an amazing veggie burger and the most delicious garlic fries EVER!!!!!! That burger was just…. (sigh) AMAZING! They make an organic patty with hummus, cucumber and their Super Sauce (which I thought it was delightful), add avocado to yours and it tastes like heaven! If you go to San Francisco you can’t miss this place and their delicious food. I went to FiDi on 346 Kearny St. but they have more restaurants on Mission, Castro, Market and Chesnut street.

2. Sriracha Thai Cuisine

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t a vegetarian always and seafood was the hardest to give up but I finally did and thought I could never taste anything like it before, but it was ok because I made a lifestyle decision. However, Mas Samun Curry with tofu, beats any seafood meal; actually I’m never ever missing seafood again. I came to a point to realize that vegetarian is the best lifestyle ever. Oh my God! Their Curry (heart)…. (sigh) speechless, so tasty and delicious my mouth is watering again while I’m writing this. The combination of flavors of coconut milk, tamarind sauce, roasted peanut, potato and carrot and a refreshing Singha (IN LOVE).  Visit them on 1319 9th Ave, San Francisco, after a visit to the California Science Center or coming from the Japanese Tea Garden, this is a must for you. They have a really varied menu for all tastes.

3. Urban Picnic

If you are still around looking something to eat around Kearny Street, go to Urban Picnic. Their Pho Soups and Bowls are really great, they have many vegetarian options, you can convert any recipe into a vegetarian meal. The Urban Pho with organic tofu it is really tasty and refreshing, and obviously Sriracha makes everything better. I am definitely going back for a Sriracha Soy Tofu sandwich, it caught my tastes buds.

~Urban Pho~

4. Osha Thai

Are you around the Embarcadero? Want to have a nice and tasty dinner with friends or family and have a few drinks? Osha Thai is the place! Starting with a A.NISE or Lychee Martini and some vegetarian crispy rolls and Tom Kha soup (Heart). Taste buds order something spicy? Their curries are just awesome and… you can ask for a vegetarian option for their menu. Great Menu, delicious and delightful food.

You can find the best things to every place you go, connect to something new and gain amazing experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things, get out of your comfort zone, pick a day to go somewhere new. It can be your own neighborhood, life is full of amazing experiences, dare to make a change! You can follow me in my world adventure, to new places, new recipes, amazing people and overall a world full of blessings. Don’t forget to subscribe on the button bellow!


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