SOUL FOOD: My Flavors from the South

Hello Everyone!!!!! It has been a while… A MONTH since I left Honduras!!!!! My soulmate and I are currently traveling around and I’ve been late on blogging. Today I would love to share with you the flavors I captured from the South. The Mississippi River has a charm that captivates your soul. I am currently in California, from the South to the West, adventuring on California days.

If I could translate into flavors what my soul captured from the south, I could summarize them into the following:


We had the blessing to spend 15 beautiful days with the most sweet and amazing people in the world, my American family… The Harkeys!!!! But also I could taste in every bit of everyday the warmth and kindness of the people. Not only we had the best desserts ever during dinners, but the most soul enriching conversations.   Besides I could finally taste New Orleans’ famous Beignets from Cafe du Monde. Amazing!!!! I can’t believe this place has survived since the 1860’s only with these delicious human inventions. As many might know and some might not, Cafe du Monde has been located in the same place in the French Market all over these years, I was completely surprised by the multitude of people that comes from all over the world to have a bite of beignets and a cup of coffee (Which I thought was just perfect).



Umami is a combination of the four basic taste flavors (Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter). If I could describe a place with all these taste and at the same time colors, I would say New Orleans have them all!!!! It is a magical place so full of colors, music, warm people and history, walking on the streets becomes magical it takes you back in time but you are present every moment, so much talent and artists all over the place. This place holds many talented musicians, painters, dancers, singers. We visited the MINT where they held an exposition about Louis Armstrong (Delightful) and we made the Jazz Museum Tour (I was definitely amazed), I might have found out where the House of the Rising Sun was, jajaja. So much flavor in their food (I only had the vegetarian of course), so multicultural. People from all over the world. So much happiness on the streets, people celebrating all day, from marriages to just being happy for being alive. The place definitely has its own magic, and you just don’t want to leave.



We had the opportunity to visit Natchez, I was curious about what was so important of this place. I choose bitter because of the glorious days of this town and what has become today, so much glam and sumptuosity, but behind it there are a lot of stories. The Cotton fields song definitely makes sense to this place. Natchez was the town where all the Millionaires from the US resided. The Antebellum houses are just breath takers. The stateliness of the architecture and details on the houses are just beyond words. Houses built without budget limit back on those days are just beautiful. The one that captivated my soul was the Longwood, a six-story octagonal Mansion, it was never finished and it never will, it is now a National Landmark. It completely epitomizes the rise and fall of the South. Generations of the family lived on the basement, since it was the only part of the house that was completely finished, the workers left home when the civil war begun and just left their tools, and the rest of the five-stories unfinished. For my fortune I had the chance to admire all these architectural majesties, unfortunately for you I was not allowed to take pictures inside the houses but I leave you a glimpse from their outsides. That means, if you go to Mississippi YOU HAVE TO GO TO NATCHEZ!!!!



LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my favorite flavor. Because spicy is flaming hot, it means alert, alive, strong, healthy. A unique flavor just for a few not for all, that is how I would describe  my experience in Jackson, Mississippi.You just want to keep “Rolling on the River”. Every second spent with my beautiful family was just priceless, the happiness and delight your soul feels when you are around soul-enriching persons it’s just beyond words. I keep every moment alive and burning like a spicy flame in my soul, wherever I go. The love and Joy of the amazing moments lived and experienced will be alive in my soul.


My family
Alison, Claire, Louis, George, Jose & I


Thank you My Harkey Family for showing me the flavors from the  South. The taste of every moment, every person, every place will be alive as a burning flame.

With Love and Joy




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