Proudly Honduran!!! Biologist, Educator, traveler, wanderluster, lightworker, foodie. I am a former University Professor, but found my true passion and calling working with kids, passionate about photography and writing. Back at 2011 something inside me completely changed, I was born again and opened up my eyes to the light since then life became meaningful, it has been a journey, it’s still. I’ve decided to change the way I live. I packed my bags, and left everything behind, teaching and learning everywhere I go, today I am a global citizen and have embarked on a great journey on this Earth.

Our creator gave us the greatest gift, join me around the world in this adventure we call “life”. Let’s be grateful with the Universe for its blessings in our lives. Let’s begin with ourselves and let’s share THE JOY OF LIVING.

Be Blessed and Thankful every day Now!

With Love and Joy,


3 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Its an amazing experience you are living upto….Its truly spiritual…Beautiful pictures….Beautiful writing….Truly adorable❤️😇


    1. Thank you for your kind words Akash! The world it’s our playground and life a learning experience! We should cherish and share with others the joy of being alive ✨🤘🏻


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